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Buddhist Beliefs | Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Beliefs
Admission to the monastic sangha involves two rites of passage:

Karma: Actions have consequences; so our lives are conditioned by our past actions
Rebirth: Consciousness continues after death, and finds expression in a future life
Liberation from karma: By following the Buddha's path one escapes the cycle of craving and suffering
The Four Noble Truths: As Buddha sat beneath the Bodhi tree; he experienced the four noble truths that underline all his teachings. They are: india buddhist pilgrimage tour
Dukkha: Every existence is unsatisfactory and is filled with countless sufferings.
Trsna: Clinging to the wrong things leads to suffering. In fact, trying to find stability in a changing world is never the right way to lead a meaningful life.
Nirvana: This is the only possible way to end our sufferings.
The Noble Eightfold Path: It is the way to find an effective solution to our sufferings and bring them to an end.
Enlightenment: The highest goal of life is to reach Enlightenment; a state of being that goes beyond suffering and all worldly ties.
Dharma: An effective way to nirvana.

The Core of Buddhist teaching
At the heart of the Buddha's teaching lie The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path which lead the Buddhist towards the path of Enlightenment.

Facing the Truth
Buddha said that humans have this tendency to avoid the difficult truths of life, which in turn leads to suffering. By enabling the mind to be at peace through meditation a human being can confront reality and overcome hatred and craving.

Buddhist Beliefs | Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour